Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New Logo Exploration

I've decided to "up the ante" and take an Illustrator class given through ACE- Fairfax County's Adult Community Education. Illustrator is a vector graphic software program designed by Adobe. Last night I took a stab at re-creating my Stone Addict logo. Below you see what I came up with last night, and below that is my "old" logo. I'm going to work on some more iterations before I decide on one. But I could use some critiques on what you think?

Below is my current or "old" logo; above is the re-worked version. Anyone care to lend me some suggestions? (I know you do!)

Thanks! :) Dana


CarolynArtist said...

Good for you! I need a logo...I like and dislike the old one because the shakey font pushes and pulls me in...but the new the almost seems a little bulky...they're both better than no logo, or a generic logo!!!

CarolynArtist said...

just looked again, and really love that you outlined the fonts with what appears to be a set stone!!!

Peggy Shiffrin said...

Hmm... as my Dad used to say "everyone is entitled to MY opinion" ;) and you may be sorry you asked, but here goes.

First, I may be the only person who feels this way, but I always prefer logos, event invitations, etc. that use a single font. You can get variety and interest in the overall design by bolding parts and not others, varying the size of the font and color, but to me, using more than one font makes the overall look too busy.

Having said that, I like either of the fonts you have in the new version better than either of the fonts in the previous version.

As for the overall look of each - I think I like the earlier one better, although I do like the blended colors of the round "stones" and in the green background in the new one better than the flat colors of the old one.

you asked...!

Julie said...

I like the new logo better, but I agree with Peggy about the font. The curlz font is a bit overused. Perhaps something simple because your design is bright and colorful, I don't think you need a fancy font. Plus you want a bit of sophistication in there too. I would tome down the colors just a touch. I like the shading in the jewels.

stoneaddict said...

Thanks, guys. The colors actually are a bit more "acidic" than as viewed in Illustrator- I guess turning into a .jpg did that. I will work on some other iterations taking into account your suggestions!