Monday, June 23, 2008

A couple of my "The Sea" pieces

I loved Dana's idea of being creative with "The Sea" theme. The beach has always been my favorite place on earth, and after spending a week in Kauai this spring, I jumped at the chance of trying out some new techniques.

I found these two pieces of Red SeaGlass on a beach and texturized pink 14K gold to look like sand, and wire wrapped the glass to make small dangle earrings.

While on Kauai we found a beach, where the sand was mixed with tiny pieces of glass which sparkled in the sunlight. I made a fine silver shadowbox and added this sand to resin, to create my version of the island to wear on a chain.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

June Ladysmith's Meeting

This was the attractive group of chicks at yesterday's meeting- enjoying Mimi's outdoor lounge area and some great snacks. L to R: Bodil, Laura, Mimi, Diane, Ana, & Cindy. (I was taking the picture)
Mimi demonstrating us her hydraulic press.

Mimi's studio- what a great set-up- she has 2 spaces to work in and tons of storage. Thanks, Mimi!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Sketching....

Hello All,

Still thinking about schemes for "the Sea". Maybe I'll actually have one decided on by the next meeting??!! One pic of jewelry by David and Roberta Williamson- love them. But, I don't necessarily like to copy someone else's style- have any of you done that?
If something hasn't turned out right, I put it in a plastic bag. I glance through those pieces periodically and occasionally have a bright new idea from an article I read or something that inspired me. If they are still around 6 months or more-it's off to the recycler.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working Out a Scheme (comments on destroying jewelry)

Janice- I keep all my "disasters" in a red plastic plate and sometimes I've used them for other projects- like collaging elements, need a bit of wire for that, etc... So one disaster could be another project's rescue! Of course, Courtney's idea of crushing something to smithereens sounds fun, too!
Here's my latest disaster- 2 schemes for the sea project, etching a seaweed border just doesn't look like seaweed! Any suggestions? I started by using a wallpaper design and copied the seaweed as a border, but it's just not working! Of course, I have so little time because Quinn likes to keep me busy by giving himself a shampoo with spagetti... :) Dana

Well... I think we have all had those moments of, "uh, nothing is going right!". When this happens to me I do one of three things depending on my mood. Option 1: smash it to smithereens!!!! Option 2: calmly walk away and either return to it or look at it sitting on my bench, all crusty and ugly for many many months (and most likely never to finish it). Or, option 3: in a delightful voice in my head, "well, look at that" and simply start over with a smile. Please note that option 1 and option 2 or the more frequent outcome!? All I can say is, we have all been there!!! Just don't let it get you down and wait for the moment when you are feeling really creative and everything will work out perfect!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do YOU do?

I am sure we all have those times, like I had last night. Where we sit down to work on a piece, and nothing goes right.

Last night I was sort of 'fiddling' rather than really 'making'. I've been a bit 'off' the past couple of weeks, low creativity, lots of stress in our house. But I finally made it to the bench last night. YAY! Or so I thought.

I fiddled with some 14ga wire, just slowly bending, allowing the shape to come together on its own, going for an organic look. But I was hating the outcome the whole time. I perservered and continued bending, tacking in spots with solder, then planished flat some of the wires, then textured some spots, then reshaped a little - then, IT happened.

I overstressed one portion and it broke.

So I quickly smashed up the other earring intentionally (I DID mention that I"ve been stressed, right?).

So, my question(s) to the group -

What do you do when you're frustrated with a piece? Walk away, push through?

And what do you do when you are in one of those 'down times' - when creativity just doesn't seem to be in large supply? Do you try to respark it or just live in the down time til it passes?