Friday, September 19, 2014

Ladysmith Link Exchange

Yesterday 14 of us got together to exchange links-  a project in the works since the Winter. It took place at Peggy's house, since she is the one who organized this whole production. Thanks, Peggy!!! Still a couple of people left to finish their links, but most made it on time!! Yahoo! Here's a brief description of each link:

Sharon: 'face' polymer clay cane of a 'Ladysmith'! Set in a s.s. frame which was formed, soldered, sawed-out.

Evie: silk dye on leather, sandwiched/riveted between 2 pieces of sawed-out s.s; all a bit different 'paintings'. 

Ej: Filigree silver heart, soldered; all one-of-a-kind.

Jowita: square brass tubing cut and soldered; epoxy-filled with crushed Polish amber & fossilized wood (gagat) from the Georgia Republic.

Lucia: Mixed metal that's been roller-printed, hammered, and riveted.

Sandra: s.s. that's been corrugated, formed, dapped.

Caroline: s.s. boxes that have been roller-printed, etched, and hollow-formed; all a bit different patterns and etched images.

Dana: original was granulated Argentium, cast and lab opal inlay.

Peggy: 25 long metal tubes soldered together, sliced, and powder-coated red.

Mimi: reticulated silver and grommetted.

Cindy: CAD-designed, 3-D printed, cast, enameled; several color themes.

Bodil: cast s.s., seed bead micro-mosaic.

Odaybea: cast dragonfly soldered on a square wire, wired gemstones- amethyst, spinel, garnet and more.

Brenda: X/O reversable mixed-metal, hand-cut, riveted.

Ellen K: Fine silver etched, pierced and enameled; all a bit different.

Great job everyone! Can't wait to see the rest of the links!