Thursday, March 26, 2009

Metal Clay Workshop- March 2009

Here's a sampling of our pieces drying on a heating pad.
Here's another view. It's amazing how little clay you get for mucho dinero!

These are Dana's pieces- the glass in the pendant piece cracked during firing- heat wasn't even enough!

Here's Sherry's finished piece- beautiful!

Sherry hard at work on her Trees at Twilight piece, above.

Sherry used metal clay paste to "paint" on small leaves, then dried and peeled them of to fire.

Mimi set us up such a nice area to work. Sherry's working hard, some of the rest of us are busy chatting! (l to r: Sherry, Ellen, Bodil, Mimi, Dana) Also not pictured- Karen, Caroline, Mary.

Mary's gorgeous shell pieces created with a hand-made mold.

One, two, three- action! Mary torch-fired then soldered on a bail. The possibilities are endless!
Stay tuned for the next post- more pics of pieces created in workshop and some finished jewelry pics!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

A Bloom of Jellyfish

While I was snowbound, I finished up a limited edition series of seaglass jellyfish pendants. Here is a sampling of a few of my favs. The found seaglass is bezel set in fine silver, and then I added a variety of gemstones to complement the color of the glass. The little gems swish and sway just like the tentacles of real jellies.

Can you all tell that I just adore the beach!