Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Crop Circle Bracelet

My latest inspirations: Crop Circles. This is titled BarleyUK0605 and is made using fine silver with 23K gold keum-boo. The design continues all the way around and I used a fairly rough mop to get the texture of barley on the surface.

Constellation Cuff Bracelet

And here is my first cuff bracelet of constellations; a gift for my good friend who has three boys. One zodiac sign for each son. Again, I added a 14K ball to represent the brightest stars in each of the signs.

Constellation Cuff Bracelet

Constellation Series

I thought one day.....what would be better than to wear star constellations? So I created zodiac earrings with 14K gold balls representing the brightest stars in the constellation. In this case: Aries for myself, and Capricorn for my dear daughter.