Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Keum-boo Workshop

We had a great October get-together and workshop today. Keum-boo! Bodil demo'd, Sherry and Dana tried it, Christine, Mimi and Karen watched. Thanks to Bodil for the demo and instructions. Fun!

Thanks to all who came (l to r): Karen, Mimi, Sherry, Caroline, Christine, Bodil (and Dana, taking pic).
Caroline's studio in Falls Church worked perfectly for us- she recently returned from Italy and collected wonderful beach stones complete with fabulous graphic lines.

Caroline tried gold-leafing one of her stones and may drill a hole or bezel-set it. Nice experimentation!

Gorgeous Italian beach stones above.

Bodil demonstrating keum-boo.

Sherry's applying thin gold foil (keum-boo) on top of reticulated silver- full of texture.

Dana's ring after keum-boo. I like it!

Dana's ring after liver of sulfur patina (maybe a bit too long??) and with opal set temporarily. Love the colors! The technique seemed easy! If you're interested, order Celie Fago's book from Rio Grande or email Bodil for instructions!