Friday, June 6, 2014

Seed Bead Mosaics

This month the Ladysmiths met to see Bodil do a seed bead mosaic demo:

Here she is demonstrating it's finer points...

And here is an instruction sheet if you couldn't make it to the meeting!!

Cindy brought her mosaic- this one, however, is not done with seed beads but with cut 'strings' of polymer clay in the technique that Cynthia Toops is known for. Cindy took a class from her a few years ago. Isn't it AMAZING! Here's Cynthia Toops' website:

We are lining up for our potluck lunch!

Thanks to Ellen K., Sherry C., Cindy, Vicki, Sonia, Sharon, Brenda, Ann and Bodil (for hosting!) and me, Dana- for coming!!

A bonus was to see the first 'print' from Cindy's new 3-D printer!! Our resident CAD mistress, she designed this earring and now the world is her oyster in terms of what she can create! Can't wait to see where this journey takes her!

See you all next time!