Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fun meeting at Mimi's! She demo'd a spiral bead stitch- it was hard! We all gave it a try. Pictured: (l to r) Sharon, Karen, Bodil, Ellen, Mimi, Barb, and Jodi. (Dana taking shot)
Great meeting- talking, eating, looking at recent work, trying a new skill.

Ellen's little bowl- perfect size for rings at the end of the day.

Made of thick sterling with pierced and cut out designs, and tube-set gems.

Bodil used Deco oil-paint based paint pens (extra fine) as a resist and used nitric acid to acid-etch hearts and her daughter's name is this terrific pendant.

Bodil framed some Roman coins in gold for these cool earrings.

Sharon set this red jasper and handmade the chain and clasp.

Jodi's gorgeous enameled pendant.

Barb knows her way around the clays! Polymer clay framed by silver art clay.

Another gorgeous piece by Barb- polymer clay insert into silver clay.

Barb's large chain in nu-gold and bronze.

Karen's loop in loop balled chains in silver. One regular, one irregular.

Dana saw a penny chain in one of the magazines this month and had to try it. Pierced an sawed-out, every other link riveted. Even the clasp is made from a penny. (use them before 1982 for solid copper)

Great meeting- see everyone again!