Monday, June 23, 2008

A couple of my "The Sea" pieces

I loved Dana's idea of being creative with "The Sea" theme. The beach has always been my favorite place on earth, and after spending a week in Kauai this spring, I jumped at the chance of trying out some new techniques.

I found these two pieces of Red SeaGlass on a beach and texturized pink 14K gold to look like sand, and wire wrapped the glass to make small dangle earrings.

While on Kauai we found a beach, where the sand was mixed with tiny pieces of glass which sparkled in the sunlight. I made a fine silver shadowbox and added this sand to resin, to create my version of the island to wear on a chain.

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Janice said...

Nice work!! :) I like the sand in the resin. I did one like that with some sand from OC MD, but I didn't like the effect I got. (in clear resin) I may add some sand to tinted resin and see what comes of it. Yours looks great ! (earrings too)