Thursday, June 5, 2008

Working Out a Scheme (comments on destroying jewelry)

Janice- I keep all my "disasters" in a red plastic plate and sometimes I've used them for other projects- like collaging elements, need a bit of wire for that, etc... So one disaster could be another project's rescue! Of course, Courtney's idea of crushing something to smithereens sounds fun, too!
Here's my latest disaster- 2 schemes for the sea project, etching a seaweed border just doesn't look like seaweed! Any suggestions? I started by using a wallpaper design and copied the seaweed as a border, but it's just not working! Of course, I have so little time because Quinn likes to keep me busy by giving himself a shampoo with spagetti... :) Dana


Janice said...

Dana - he is GORGEOUS!!

For the seaweed - I thin the freen drawing looks very good - the one with your focal sitting in there. If you aren't happy with it maybe have them a little longer and swaying a little more - and more 'viney' -- coming around a bit rather than growing straight out into the center...have them follow the lines of the circle some? I dunno - just some thoughts.

Janice said...

ok, that should be thinK and Green! sorry.