Tuesday, June 3, 2008

What do YOU do?

I am sure we all have those times, like I had last night. Where we sit down to work on a piece, and nothing goes right.

Last night I was sort of 'fiddling' rather than really 'making'. I've been a bit 'off' the past couple of weeks, low creativity, lots of stress in our house. But I finally made it to the bench last night. YAY! Or so I thought.

I fiddled with some 14ga wire, just slowly bending, allowing the shape to come together on its own, going for an organic look. But I was hating the outcome the whole time. I perservered and continued bending, tacking in spots with solder, then planished flat some of the wires, then textured some spots, then reshaped a little - then, IT happened.

I overstressed one portion and it broke.

So I quickly smashed up the other earring intentionally (I DID mention that I"ve been stressed, right?).

So, my question(s) to the group -

What do you do when you're frustrated with a piece? Walk away, push through?

And what do you do when you are in one of those 'down times' - when creativity just doesn't seem to be in large supply? Do you try to respark it or just live in the down time til it passes?


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