Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well... I think we have all had those moments of, "uh, nothing is going right!". When this happens to me I do one of three things depending on my mood. Option 1: smash it to smithereens!!!! Option 2: calmly walk away and either return to it or look at it sitting on my bench, all crusty and ugly for many many months (and most likely never to finish it). Or, option 3: in a delightful voice in my head, "well, look at that" and simply start over with a smile. Please note that option 1 and option 2 or the more frequent outcome!? All I can say is, we have all been there!!! Just don't let it get you down and wait for the moment when you are feeling really creative and everything will work out perfect!

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Janice said...

Thanks!! :) I try to walk away but sometimes I just have to mangle me some metal. :) I did get to the bench the following night and began a new pair of earrings and I'm happy to say they are lookin' pretty good! I just need to do a bit of clean up and then set the stones (3 in each, all 2.5mm - I hope that part goes ok!)