Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Ladysmiths Art-A-Day Project

The idea is to take a moment every day to share something creative that relates to the creation of a form of art.

What have you created today?  Is it tangible? Is it a ring, a poem, a painting, a sketch or a motivating thought?  Are you re-imagining over and over a finished piece as you move around in your day? Is it a work in progress? Something you’re thinking about creating? Or what have you seen (or heard) that sparks a creative idea?

By making sure we think and act creatively each day, we challenge ourselves to step out of a comfort zone and into a lovely area where anything is possible.

Through this process we will encourage each other on a daily basis.

 Blog posting guidelines:
  • Post a photograph of your piece or concept on the Ladysmiths blog.
  • Identify each posting as part of the “Ladysmiths Art-A-Day Project” both in the blog area and in the Label area of the blog post
  • Describe what this image means for you today. What process did you go through and how did it make you feel? Are you pleased with your results?  Are you looking forward to moving to the next step of your unfinished piece? If your image is not something you’ve made, explain what about it intrigues you.
  • Post something new every day – or as often as you can!

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