Friday, April 29, 2011

Poor Man's Julie Shaw

This is a necklace I put together this week using a pendant I'd made. I've always liked the way opals and peacock grey pearls look together. I made an s-clasp and put on a length of chain so it could be adjustable.

It was inspired by a ring by Julie Shaw (see below right). I love how she uses the mixture of stones, gold, and liver of sulfur on silver, to bring out the most amazing colors. You could say mine is a poor man's version! I used a silver-copper sandwich slice instead of gold, and textured the other side of the setting with punches, much as she does. I did use liver of sulfur, but I dulled it a bit because I didn't want it to blend in too much with the color of the pearls.

You can find more of her beautiful designs at

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Sharon said...

I love this! I was thinking that I need to get away from handmade chains and start using some of my tons (and tons) of bead strands I have. Your lovely piece is good inspiration for it!

I've never heard of Julie Shaw before, so thanks for the heads up -- I spent a delightful evening last night poring over her stuff. Gorgeous. You reinterpreted her well.