Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Started and finished today...more ring action

Poppy Ring in Sterling Silver with 18k Yellow Gold granules
I started this from scratch this morning and really zoned out of all of my stress and into the beauty of creating this ring.
(yes Sandra, I used LOS, I can't go to the gym unless I shower!)
I took around 100 photos and am happy with the few I chose for my etsy shop display.
What's everyone up to? (I think this weather is crazy...almost as crazy as congress!)
it's me...Care--- Hi!!!!


Sharon said...

This looks like a poppy out of a Van Gogh painting -- it's beautiful. And I can't get over that thick ring band. It's so delicate and substantial at the same time. Very neat trick!

stoneaddict said...

I like how you slightly indented the edge of the "flower"- very abstract.

CarolynArtist said...

thank you Sharon, I really wanted to use the thick band and be able to stamp something along it.. Dana, sometimes a gal has to hammer! :-)