Monday, March 21, 2011

Working on photography

Yesterday, my husband showed me how to use the goodies -- timer, manual settings -- on our point-and-shoot. I decided to play with it and the lightbox today to see if I took better pictures after his tutorial and our last meeting. Based on my old photos, there's improvement. I don't have Photoshop or the like, so these pictures haven't been manipulated.

Old necklace photo on left; new necklace photo on right:

I obviously still need to work on glare, but I successfully cut down on it in the new photo. The silver isn't blown out this time. I also need to work on focusing better. It looks like the granulation at the bottom of the opal pendant is a bit blurry in the new picture. Focus also is an issue in the next series:

Old ring photo on left; new ring photo on right:

Better focus, but not perfect. So I'll work on that. (Do I need to pull back some? Am I abusing the macro setting?) I seem to have tamed the glare much better in the new photo. I have to admit I'm not sure what exactly I did with the lights. I was constantly fiddling with them -- moving them, tilting them, draping things over them to diffuse the light more. Taking notes after every single picture seemed laborious and I didn't do it. However, maybe I should reconsider until I have the process down.

Photography is a complete mystery to me, so I'm glad I see progress. Getting tools like a lightbox has helped. I need to learn more about the camera itself to deal with some of my issues. But I'm pleased so far. I wouldn't be embarrassed to post these new photos on Etsy, and that's my main photographic goal.



stoneaddict said...

Hi Sharon!

Nice job! I think taking lots and lots of photos in itself will train your eye to look for all the features you're looking for in good jewelry photography. Get those on etsy!

Janice said...

Learning to get good photos is as challenging as learning the craft! The new photos do look better so you are well on your way.

I do recommend taking notes in a notebook - however, if you don't want to do that, each time you move your lights or change ANYthing - back up and take a photo of the ENTIRE set-up. Then when you upload the photos you have a definite visual of what the coming photos resulted from.


CarolynArtist said...

wowzers those photos on the right are amazing(the others aren't bad either) pretty pieces too.

Sharon said...

Thanks, ladies!