Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mosaic Earrings done this week

This was a busy week and I only managed to get these one pair of earrings made. I started by randomly cutting a length of 14 gauge square wire, then I measured it carefully and cut it exactly in half. I then soldered the ends of each together, and started forming one loop into this modified-teardrop shape. I really didn't know what I'd get until I started working on it. Everything was design-as-you-go. After I was happy with one shape, I manipulated the other one to exactly mirror the first. I finished up the soldering by soldering on a backplate, trimming it, then soldered on the back a wire which had 3 loops in the bottom and extended past the top and became the earwire. I knew I wanted to dangle some beads, not sure which, but it turned out to be a large teardrop so I knew I didn't want to add any bezel-set stones, because of the size and weight limitations earrings impose. I then decided on the rubies and decided on a color scheme by grouping containers of seed beads together until I liked the combination of colors. Then I dove in and created the border of the mosaic, then filled it in, one line at a time, one earring after the other, until it was filled. I decided on a brown grout, and wired the beads on, and it was done. Pretty random, but I'm happy with how they turned out. Sometimes when I make things, I have a plan, sometimes I leave it up to do-it-as-you-go.

How do the rest of you design a piece?


Sharon said...

Your one-week output matches my one-month output. :-)

They look great; I really like the color combinations you used. I'm intrigued by how stones followed form. I usually work the other way around -- I pick a stone and then let its shape/features/color determine its setting and design. I guess you have to do it that way if you're setting a stone, but some time I should try doing a piece that's mostly metal with some beads attached. It would give me a chance to do it this way and challenge my normal way of doing things.

CarolynArtist said...

WOW these are so beautiful!!! I've not tried this type of beadwork, I used to do intricate bead stringing years ago with a thin needle and lots of those itty bitty beads. Love the colors, form and flow of your earrings

Janice said...

These are GORGEOUS!! you do such fabulous work Dana!