Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Secret" scone recipe

Good Morning,
I had a really nice morning with all of you at Carolyn's yesterday...and as always..learned a lot of great new stuff!! Several of you mentioned that you enjoyed the scones and requested the recipe. As I had said they were "semi-homemade"....aka: I baked them...I will share with you all my secret resource for delicious baked goods made quick > Sticky Fingers Bakery > they are all natural mixes, no preservatives, artificial anything or trans fat. I have made both the Apple-cinnamon (we had yesterday) and the pumpkin-cranberry is delicious as well. I purchase at Tastefully Yours in Occoquan town, but you can purchase from this site as well. They are good to keep in the pantry :)
Hope to see you all again next month!

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