Saturday, February 5, 2011

Back from Tucson

Hi Ladies! I don't mean to invoke jealous rages, but I just returned from Tucson and the gem shows and THOROUGHLY enjoyed myself! Of course, spending lots of money will do that! I bought lots of cabochons and some rough for cabbing, but my FAVORITE purchase were these small faceted opal beads from a dealer direct from Australia. I only paid $200, which I thought was a deal, considering Opex Opal was selling something similar for 5 times that price.

They're pretty small, but they have great color and I am looking forward to wearing them! Maybe I'll wear these for a while, sell them in the Fall and then buy myself a BIGGER strand next year??

I'm not spending ANY more money on gems- at least this year! :) Dana


CarolynArtist said...

Those are sooooo pretty Dana! Never been to the Tucson show would love to! Did you meet any other jewelers there?

Sharon said...

No rages, but definitely jealous. :-)

Two B's said...

Oh my word! They are beautiful!