Thursday, September 26, 2013

Etching Workshop

This is our 3rd or 4th etching workshop- always an adventure etching metal in acid!!

Thanks to Sharon, Bodil, Odaybea, Caroline, Ellen K., and Ej for coming out today (and me, Dana!)

We used 2 methods to attach PNP to the metal- irons and a laminator. We had mixed results with each. We joked there is no one method that works flawlessly. And that we should come up with a product that consistently attaches PNP and we'll get rich!!

Odaybea carved  a dragonfly body into a ring shape out of wax. She then etched it's wings and will attach them once the body is cast. Very very cool! 

Aren't Sharon's robots cool? She had success with both ironing and laminating- and failures with both.

Ellen's hamsas etched very well in nitric acid.

Bodil had no problems today and made a bunch of great pieces!

Ej's lion is almost completely etched in ferric chloride- took 40 minutes with Ellen's agitator!

Here's some of Dana's projects ready to etch... 5 minutes in nitric acid and they'll be ready to complete.

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