Thursday, June 6, 2013

Strathmore visit- Creative Crafts Council Show

Today we visited the Strathmore Mansion in Rockville, Maryland to see the Creative Crafts Council Show. Our own Sherry Terao has a piece in the show and won 1st prize for Metals!!! Congratulations, Sherry!!!!!

Here we are congregating, waiting for everyone to arrive... 

A cool pic by Karen of the interior of the mansion....

Another cool pic by Karen- a marble frieze.

Inside the mansion- there were jewelry, quilts, glass, stained glass, fiber, art, and more... (Jowita, Brenda, Bodil & Karen)

Another view in the mansion...

Upstairs taking a breather- Bodil, Mimi, Sherry and Jowita. Pic by Karen.

Pic of the interior by Karen.

A badly taken pic (on my part!) of Sherry's winning piece!

Our group for lunch: Bodil, Dana, Odaybea, Jowita, Brenda, Mimi, Karen and Caroline. Sherry and Ej couldn't stay for lunch...

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