Thursday, October 18, 2012

First Fall Meeting- Silhouette Cameo

Today we met at my house (Dana) so I could show everyone my new toy:
It's a Silhouette Cameo, and you can get one from It's an electronic cutter, developed for the scrapbooker, but there are other uses...

Here it is cutting some CopprClay, during a class I took this summer.

There's a whole library of images to buy (most only $.99) like this one for a card. Note the cool scalloped edge. It even perforated the fold edge for easy-folding!

You can even buy some adhesive vinyl and make your own glass etchings!

Here I made a multi-layered sticker for my daughter's journal out of self-adhesive foam sheets. This was also a bought pattern.

These hearts started as a bought image, but I modified them to add the loop at the top. They're Shrink Plastic!! Imagine the possibilities...

Here's a fun Halloween image I bought.

Oh, that's right... we're metalsmiths... 
Okay, these images I created myself using the software (upgrade to the Designer Edition- you'll be able to do more...) and then ran the cut paper through the rolling mill. The images elongate due to the rolling mill's action so you need to take that into account when designing. You could use it for creating PNP images, if you didn't have a laser printer. Thoughts about using it for gold foil/Keum Boo were also thrown around. So many uses....

Thanks to everyone who came today: Karen, Ann, Sharon, Mimi, Bodil, Deb, Caroline, Ellen Y., Ellen K.,  & Odaybea.  We also did a bit of Argentium fusing. Sorry I wasn't better at taking any group shots! See you all next time!

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amy sanders said...

That is so cool -- Love the implications!

I miss this group so much! Darn my move to CO!