Saturday, October 2, 2010

First Fall Meeting- Bead Mosaics and Recent Work

This month's meeting was at Caroline's spacious studio- thanks so much Caroline! (The gingerbread was delicious....) We all played around with bead mosaics. Feel free to email Dana for a .pdf of instructions if you're interested.

These are some of the pieces we created with ready-made bezels/frames and freshly grouted (so a bit dark).

Caroline's piece as a work-in-progress. It takes patience and good eyesight to place each bead!

Mimi's piece in progress. Instruction sheets are available. Such fun with colors!

Some of the group working (the other part of the group was eating and hardly working....)

Art in progress...

Now for the fun part- recent work! Karen's acid-etched cuff is not quite done, but it looks pretty good to me!

Sharon's boulder opal pendant (with hand-made chain!) encorporates a partial bezel and decorative granulation.

This is Caroline's work in progress- trying to find a method of encapsulating ribbon accents under a silver leaf-bezel and maintaining it's texture/tooth.

Amy's impressive collection of chain mail creations- some complete, others works-in-progress.

This is Sharon's silver cuff completed over the summer- so modern!

Ellen's pendant with gems is pretty far-out.

These were some of the charms completed over the summer for Patti- one of our own who's fighting brain cancer.

Some of us got together over the summer for a resin workshop (poured into silly putty as a form).

See everyone next month!! Thanks so much for all that you share!


Sandra said...

beautiful work thanks for sharing Sandra

Sandra said...

beautiful work, thanks