Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Spring Meeting

This get-together at Dana's house included some AWESOME show and tell and also a Viking Knit Demo! You won't believe what everyone's been working on:

This large starfish pendant was created by Patti, who JUST started taking an enameling class. Pretty amazing for a first project!

This is Mimi and her AMAZING metal paper-doll series- a work-in-progress created for an upcoming show. Mimi has a studio at Vis-Arts in Rockville, Maryland.

All of the drawings for this series were created by Mimi and then acid-etched using PNP paper onto brass, copper and silver. All will stand and have many outfits to choose from!

These are still being worked on, but you can see the amazing level of thought and design that went into each creation.

Each outfit is designed within an inch of it's life

Can't wait to see the finished project during the show!

Just too cute- a raincoat.

No body bothers me! (No body bothers me either!) (Omigosh I'm dating old commercial for martial arts....)

Finally, these spiral-stitch creations by Mimi are a hint at the next meeting- she's invited everyone over to learn how to do this- with #12 needles, Nymo thread and #11 seed beads. She has supplies so we can try it out! Looking forward to seeing everyone!

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MEBDesigns said...

Love the starfish, and am astounded by the metal dolls! You guys rock! Wish I could have been there, and could be there for the next get-together.