Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's in a name?

What's in a name? that which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet....

So says Juliet according to Shakespeare.

But in our society - names do matter. Both personally and professionally. Many parents agonize over what to name their children and we even obsess over what to name our pets!

As I was looking into registering a new domain I began thinking about business names, add that to a great discussion by some of my friends as one gal was attempting to formulate her jewelry business name.....and it left me with a lot of meat to chew on.

One thing that I came across in my travles online looking at names which I thought would be pertinent to this group in particular was the idea of gender associated with business. Since we are all "ladies" I wondered if using our given name as our business name (which is recommended by a lot of people) would have particular pros or cons. I know a few women jewelers who use their two first initials followed by last name and I wondered if it was intentional due to gender.

Are women generally accepted in the industry? As much as a man? More so? Less?

So this post is really asking several questions:
What is your business name and how did you decide on it?

Do you believe the jewelry industry is gender biased?

Please use the comments to offer your thoughts.



Alison said...

Just found your blog, and I wish that I lived nearer... I call myself an artisan, my "business" name, Fineartisanry, combines my name with what I do. I haven't found that being a woman has had a negative impact on my life as a thingmaker. Though there are times I wish that I had the stronger arms and shoulders of some of my blacksmith friends, they would have difficulty doing the tiny cloisonne pieces I love to make...

lolojane said...

I chose to use my nickname for my business. I agonized over using my first and last name or my first and middle name (Laurel Jane) but I wanted to create more of a brand so I went with my nickname- lolojane. It's still me and I feel like I'm not limiting myself to jewelry only, but can have a whole accessory line! I guess it may depend on where you see your business going. =)

Bodil Lund Jewelry Design said...

It is very difficult to choose the "right" name for your business and your website. In purchasing my new domain name, I decided to simplify my business name, as it was easier to type, and easier to read. Still working it all out.


MartaCoimbra said...

Bautiful work.

MartaCoimbra said...

Bautiful work.