Sunday, July 6, 2008

Chasing and Repousse

Here are a few samples of Chasing and Repousse I have done. I hope you find them intriguing enough to want to come to the July meeting in Virginia

Image #1, The deer was chased and repoussed in sterling silver sheet; working in the flat, and then bent round to a bracelet.

Image #2, The Rams Head Drinking vessel started out as a flat sheet of sterling and was hand raised to cup form. Then the ram's features were hammered out using a snaring iron and chasing tools.

Image #3, The shell shape is chased and repoussed in the flat and then embellished with electroformed copper stripes and surface set with white sapphires.


MEBDesigns said...

Cindy, these are really amazing pieces. I wish very much I could attend the next meeting as I am particularly interested in chasing and repousse (remember the Burmese piece I brought to the first meeting?), but I will be hosting a Costa Rica reunion that evening. Good luck with everything, and I still hope to go sketching with you sometime. Mary

Lu said...

beautiful work! i hope to be able to make this meeting!